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Common problems and troubleshooting methods of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-05
1. How much power chiller should the carbonated beverage bottle blowing machine match? The chiller equipped with the carbonated bottle is about 5 horses larger than the chiller equipped with the water bottle. A simpler algorithm can be calculated by 1200 bottles/horse, for example: 36000 bottles/hour can be equipped with a 30-horse chiller. In order to ensure the stress requirements of the bottom of the carbonic acid bottle, the cooling time is generally 1.2 seconds, and the temperature of the bottom mold is 11 degrees. The number of lamp zones equipped with the heating furnace can refer to the configuration of the hot filling machine, and the effective heating time of the preform should be no less than 33 seconds. 2. What accessories should be checked during daily operation of the blow molding machine? It is necessary to control the equipment strictly according to the method in the instruction manual, and regularly check the performance of each safety door. The equipment is generally safe. However, the biggest hidden danger of the equipment is mainly on the sealing parts of the water jacket and the air jacket. 3. How to deal with the deformation of the bottle mouth produced by the blowing equipment? Deformation of the bottle mouth Generally, during the heating process of the preform, the transmission chain drives the bottle base to transmit the temperature to the preform mouth. During the heating process, the temperature continues to accumulate, and the bottle mouth is swollen and deformed. It is only necessary to increase the air cooling or water cooling to the bottle mouth. If the customer's conditions permit, you can refer to the practice of imported machines and install central air conditioners in the production workshop to keep the ambient temperature of the workshop at normal temperature.
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