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Common features of automatic blow molding machine, blow molding machine-machinery professional production

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-22
There are many kinds of automatic blow molding machines, we must pay attention to choosing the right model for production when we use it. Below we are exposed to one of them, we can come to understand its characteristics. Features of the automatic bottle blowing machine: 1. Each heating zone is equipped with independent segmented temperature control; the position and distance of the lamp tube and reflector in the heating zone can be adjusted according to the different shapes and sizes of the preforms. Achieve the most ideal heating effect. 2. The constant pressure temperature adjustment method is used to control the heating of the preform by the infrared lamp to ensure the proper, accurate and stable heating of the preform without being affected by changes in the input voltage. 3. According to different product requirements, this automatic bottle blowing machine can be equipped with a dual-chamber double-stretching cylinder, a three-chamber three-stretching cylinder, a four-chamber four-stretching cylinder, or a six-chamber six-stretching cylinder design. Adjust the use of single-cavity single-stretching cylinder to meet the different needs of machine adjustment or mold trial. 4. The control system is equipped with an automatic fault reporting function; when an operation error or malfunction occurs, the computer will display and issue an alarm. 5. The mold replacement is convenient and quick, and there is no need to adjust the thickness of the mold within the range of the corresponding machine. 6. This automatic bottle blowing machine is suitable for blowing 30ml-5L cold and hot filling plastic bottles or other plastic containers. 7. The production process is fully automated, and multiple machines can be combined to a fully automatic production line at the same time. The entire production process does not require human hands to touch the preforms or finished bottles. Zhangjiagang Jinyi Machinery Co., Ltd. specializes in the research and development and manufacture of various specifications of blow molding machine manufacturers.
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