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Automatic bottle blowing machine market forecast of 2015 years

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-17
Automatic bottle blowing machine industry association deputy secretary-general of China MaoZhongWen when accepting a reporter to interview said: & other; Automatic bottle blowing machine industry around the world now has fallen into the development of the channel, to 3 years of sluggish market and in the development of low prepared. Automatic bottle blowing machine enterprises, especially export-oriented enterprises should make development plan adjustment and countermeasures. ” Affected by the financial crisis, the international automatic bottle blowing machine since the third quarter of 2008 showed a trend of decline in the market, in 2008, the north American market fell by 5%, a 17% drop in the European market, Chinese market growth fell to 25% from 27% in 2007. At the end of 2009, more than half of situation is not optimistic. “ As of April, the automatic bottle blowing machine market decline has reached 50%. ” MaoZhongWen is introduced, the eu market is affected by the us financial crisis, one of the most automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers, leasing and agent state is quite serious shortage of funds. Cut due to a large number of construction project, construction project delays due to lack of money or be forced to shut down, causing 2009 automatic bottle blowing machine sharply shrinking market demand, in the first quarter of 2009 sales fell by more than 40%, the area worst ( In Britain, etc. ) Fell by 70%, including Russia, eastern Europe is in infrastructure and real estate industry development, also the same situation. Chinese automatic bottle blowing machine products in the export side also have this encounter, 1-2009 Total exports fell 35% year-on-year in April. In April, our automatic bottle blowing machine overall sales revenue fell 14% year on year, host sales year-on-year decline in 28. 6%. “ Falling speed is the international history has never been fully automatic bottle blowing machine. Only China's domestic market demand remains around 10% demand growth trend. ” MaoZhongWen said, & other; According to the United Nations economic monitoring department, in the first quarter GDP fell 1 in the United States. 4%, Japan fell 2. 1%, 1 drop in Western Europe. 6%, Russia's fell by 6%, and the development trend of spreading, only in north Africa, Middle East, South America, Brazil is still keep 2% to 3% growth. Therefore automatic bottle blowing machine this time influence the depth of the financial crisis on the real economy is unlikely to be short-term, affect cycle to reach more than 3 years, pessimistic estimate should be prepared for five years. MaoZhongWen think, already more and more fierce competition, from the current competition trend, automatic bottle blowing machine industry in China must consider how to face the financial crisis, in a short time, improve their core competitiveness. He stressed that one is how to deal with product sales prices lower, 2009 in Paris, France INTERMAT show, homogeneous product prices 3% to 5% of the decline; The second is how to deal with a disguised form of trade protectionism, automatic bottle blowing machine industry trade protectionism comes in a variety of ways, and the main technical standards for products, security, environmental protection, energy saving, financing lease and recycle remanufacturing used to restrict each other's products into the domestic market; Three is how to establish convenient and preferential service platform; Four is how to ensure the quality of the product.
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