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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-08
Bottle blowing machine adjust after all kinds of related parameters, such as injection molding machine pressure parameter, speed parameter, bottle blowing bottle blowing machine mechanical and electrical machine of current, voltage, speed and other data. Also write down electric cabinet relay, contactor, etc in electricity and the state of the formal process ( And off or disconnect) PLC and PC, all input, output, the state of LED light-emitting diodes ( Bright dark, shine) Or record the PC screen, PLC state ( Input) 、( The output bits) Is 0 or 1, judge fault benefits greatly so recorded for later analysis. To record the state of the hydraulic system of the same hydraulic system in the formal processing or not processing all kinds of pressure gauge, solenoid valve of the suction state, for the adjustment and help is very big also, the pressure of high and low directly affect the normal function of bottle blowing machine action or not, record the static, dynamic pressure is very important. 3. Carry a notebook, the fault happens every day, record the process of how to rule out one by one, the person's mind after a long time is easy to forget, & other; A good memory, not written & throughout; Record, benefits greatly. We found the bottle blowing machine some fault tend to repeat, and often these fault, just look up at that time is how to solve, a few minutes to troubleshoot, both quickly and well. The company mainly produces automatic bottle blowing machine
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