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Automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-06
Bottle blowing machine is between the glass transition temperature and crystallization temperature, general control in 90 - 120 degrees. PET show is within the range of the high elastic state quickly became transparent bottle after blow molding, cooling setting. In step method, the temperature is determined by the cooling time length in the process of injection molding of PET bottle blowing machine, so be well matched note & ndash; The relationship between the two stations. Tensile & ndash; blow molding process are: A blow & ndash; Second blow, three action time is very short, but be sure to cooperate well, especially the former two step determines the overall distribution of the material, by the quality of bottle blowing machine. So to adjust good; Stretching the starting time, stretching rate, start and end time, preliminary blowing pressure blown gas flow, etc if possible can very good control mold temperature distribution in the overall preform inside and outside wall temperature gradient. Bottle in the process of fast blow molding, cooling wall in the induced stress common problems and solutions. 1. On thick thin: delay the blowing time or reduce pressure, reduce the gas flow rate. 2. Under the thick thin: contrary to the above. 3. There are buckling under the bottleneck that the blow too late or pressure is too low, or the billet cooling. 4. Bottom white: bottle preform is too cold, too much stretch, blowing too early or preliminary blowing pressure is too high. 5. The bottom of the bottle have a magnifying glass phenomenon: bottle base too much, play too late, blowing pressure is too low. 6. At the bottom of the bottle there is buckling, temperature is too high, gate cooling is not good, the preliminary blowing wind pressure is too low, too late flow is too small. 7. The whole bottle of opacity: opaque, cooling is not enough. 8. Local white: overstretch, where the temperature is too low, or blow too soon, or touched the tensile bar. 9. Eccentric bottom: with bottles of billet temperature, tensile, blow, high pressure, etc may have relations. Reduce the mold temperature, speed up the drawing, check the lever of the gap between head and bottom die, delay the blow, reduce the pressure of blowing in advance, and delay the high-pressure blow, check whether the bottle preform is eccentric. The company mainly produces automatic bottle blowing machine
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