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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-04
Blow molding is a common method for manufacturing hollow thermoplastic products. The main products are tube films and hollow containers. The blow molding machine can plasticize the preformed product by heating, and then enter the mold to blow molding. This method is mainly used for the production of high-speed and high-yield PET bottles and BOPP bottles, which is a two-step process; blow molding can also be combined with The injection molding process is combined to become an injection stretch-blow integrated machine, which is also a common method for producing PET containers; the blow molding process can also be combined with the extrusion process. The extrusion blow molding equipment has a wider range of applications and can produce more products. To enrich, the products include multilayer composite films and various polyolefin hollow containers, which are widely used in the food, medicine and cosmetic industries. Hollow container forming machine One-step and two-step blow molding process, mainly used for PET and BOPP hollow container molding. Both have their own characteristics and are widely used. The two-step method is more suitable for the bottle factory production mode of centralized production of preforms and dispersed blown bottles; while the one-step method is more suitable for the online production of beverage companies. Therefore, the main users of the two-step equipment in China are professional PET bottle manufacturers like Zijiang and Zhongfu, while the one-step equipment is mainly beverage manufacturers such as Master Kong and Wahaha. The PET bottle blowing machine is divided into two types: rotary type and linear type according to the conveying mode when the preform is heated. Rotary blow molding machine has high production capacity, high speed, complicated design and high price. A typical rotary blow molding machine is the SBO series of French SIDEL. Its SBO24 blow molding machine has an output of more than 20,000 bottles per hour. At present, Tech-Long in China has also successfully developed a rotary blow molding machine with a production speed of more than 20,000 bottles per hour. More than 8000 bottles per hour; the typical representatives of linear blow molding machines are Japan's ASB and AOKI. Generally speaking, this kind of mechanical design is relatively simple, but the output will form a bottleneck, and it is difficult to exceed 6000 bottles per hour. The BOPP bottle blowing machine developed by Hong Kong Huanbao Group Dongguan Hongjia Machinery Factory also adopts a linear design. Temperature control is directly related to the uniformity of plasticization and is the key to the success or failure of blow molded products. The design and accuracy of the mold and hot runner also determine the quality of the product. At present, the injection stretch-blowing equipment used in the production of PET bottles in China is basically the world of imported products, especially in the production of high-speed and large-volume products, domestic equipment cannot compete. It is worth mentioning that there are few manufacturers that can produce large-capacity PET hot-fill bottle blowing machines. It seems that only ASB's multiple blowing process has achieved satisfactory results. With the rise of cold aseptic filling technology, a new round of battle for the bottle blowing machine market will start again. At present, SIPA's one-step blow molding machine has gained a foothold in Beijing Huiyuan Juice Factory, but it does not mean that the two-step blow molding machine has no chance. Extrusion blown hollow container production equipment is more adaptable to materials, and can produce containers of PE, PS, PVC, PC and other materials, and the product application field is also wider. 3/4 of the blow molded products on the market are manufactured by extrusion blow molding. The squeeze blow method can produce eye drop bottles of several milliliters, and can also process pallets or ton barrels of more than 1000L. At present, China's extrusion blown hollow container production equipment can fully meet the needs. For example, Akei's extrusion and blowing equipment has formed a series of equipment, which can produce blow molding containers of various specifications below 200L, and has developed an in-mold labeling extrusion blow molding machine, which is widely used in cosmetics and lubricating oils. The large-volume blow molding equipment developed by Shantou Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Qinchuan have also occupied most of the domestic market. However, the current extrusion and blowing equipment developed in China is not fully functional, especially some equipment with multiple composite functions cannot be produced, such as the bottle-filling-sealing three-in-one which is widely used in liquid medicine packaging. equipment. Multi-layer composite film production equipment The plastic film produced by the extrusion blow method is another major product produced by the blow molding process. At present, about 40% of plastic packaging films in developed countries are multi-layer co-extruded films produced by the extrusion blow method, and the proportion in China is slightly lower. In the past, the production of composite films in China mostly used the dry or wet composite process of single-layer films, but the products were gradually replaced by multi-layer co-extruded films due to unstable quality, poor hygiene using adhesives, and high costs. The multi-layer co-extrusion compounding process is to use multiple extruders to form a new type of functional film through a special head in the molten state of the material. It can be made into a multi-layer, multi-functional film with only one processing procedure. The composite film can save about 30% of the production cost compared with other composite processes. This kind of film can be configured with different components according to user requirements to meet different barrier requirements and cost requirements. Before the 1990s, China mostly used rotary heads to produce 2 to 3 layers of co-extruded films, but with the development, 3-layer packaging films gradually gave way to 5-layer or even 7-layer films. Accompanying this process and catalyzing this process is the development of domestic multilayer composite blown film equipment. At present, a number of equipment manufacturers represented by Shantou Jinming Plastic Equipment Co., Ltd. and Kunshan Xinzhong Machinery have emerged in China, capable of producing 3-layer, 5-layer, 7-layer or even 9-layer co-extruded film production equipment.
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