YOSION Machinery Committed to stable performance automatic pet bottle blowing machine production line since 1990s

Any promotion team established by Yosion Machinery in foreign countries?
Yosion Machinery has a passionate and professional team for market promotion. They focus not only on the domestic market but also on the overseas markets. Every year, they actively participate in industry exhibitions, whether it is domestic or international. They take our popular products and newly developed products to exhibitions and impart detailed information and answer customers’ question with impeccable passion and professionalism. To some extent, it is our promotion team that make us known and recognized by more and more customers. If you want to have a face-to-face talk with our promotion team, we welcome you to visit our factory or meet us at exhibitions.

Yosion Machinery has many years of practical experience in the field of plastic bottle making machine. Now, we are striving hard to expand its overseas markets to win more share. Yosion Machinery's main products include semi automatic pet bottle blowing machine series. The mechanical parts of Yosion Machinery plastic bottle making machine require precision machining. They have to go through deburring, polishing, milling, drilling, threading, grinding, turning, etc. With an easy-to-hold design, the product can replace the preform holder very easily. The product has the advantages of great toughness. It can be twisted, bent or stretched under high stress before rupture. It is highly recognized by many plastic packaging enterprises.

We don’t just do what’s right, we do what’s best — for people and for the planet. We will protect the environment by cutting wastes, reducing emissions/discharges, and seeking ways to fully utilize resources.
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