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Analysis on the Advantages of Automatic Rotary Blow Molding Machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-21
General blow molding bottles are widely used in milk beverages, cold food, medicine and health products, cosmetics and other industries, but for a long time, only simple abrasive tools can be used in China. Bottle blowing, mold opening, and bottle picking require a large number of skilled workers, high cost, small output and low pass rate. The American injection-blow molding machine, due to the high cost of the mold, is generally used for large-scale products with less product changes, and cannot meet the current needs of domestic bottle specifications. The automatic rotary plastic bottle blowing machine organically combines electric, pneumatic, mechanical transmission, etc., and has the characteristics of performance, simplicity and practicality, simple operation, etc., and has outstanding changes in raw material saving, gram weight deviation, etc. The blow bottle has been doubled 5 times. The price of this unit is only 1/25 of the equipment, and it adapts to the needs of changing bottle types, which is conducive to popularization and promotion, so that domestic packaging and blowing can be mechanized as soon as possible.
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