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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-29
Troubleshooting measures for the causes of failures and phenomena No action 1. Solenoid valve is energized 2. Air pressure is too low 3. Solenoid valve is damaged 4. Air pipe is blocked 5. Clamping guide wear 6. Shaft sleeve wear 1. Check circuit 2. Check air circuit 3. Replace the solenoid valve 4. Check the trachea 5. Correct the parallel 6. Replace the shaft sleeve Temperature out of control 1. The electric couple direction is reversed 2. The thermocouple has poor contact 3. The temperature controller is damaged 1. Adjust the positive and negative direction 2. Firm contact points 3. Replace the temperature controller. The voltage regulator is out of control. 1. The grid voltage is unstable. 2. The neutral line is off. 3. The thyristor is damaged. 4. The temperature controller is damaged. 1. Equipped with a regulated power supply. 2. A firm neutral line. Replace the voltage regulator, the time relay does not work 1. The voltage is too low 2. The time relay is damaged 1. Increase the voltage 2. Replace the time relay The product transparency is not good 1. The preform is opaque 2. The secondary heating temperature is too high 3. Two times Heating time is too long 4. Blow molding air contains moisture 5. Blow mold surface rough 1. Dry raw materials, use high transparency parison 2. Reduce oven temperature 3. Shorten heating time 4. Remove moisture with freeze dryer 5. The polished mold surface product appears pearly luster and white, the bottom gate position is shifted 1. The blow molding temperature of the preform is too low 2. The blowing time is advanced 3. The temperature of the preform is uneven 4. The drawing linear speed is too high Low 1. Increase the secondary heating temperature and extend the secondary heating time 2. Slow down the blowing time 3. Change the oven temperature distribution 4. Increase the drawing line speed The product cannot be formed 1. The blow molding air pressure is not enough 2. The blowing air flow Insufficiency 3. Blowing air pressure rises too slowly 4. Stretching force is too large 5. Second heating speed is wrong 1. Increase air pressure 2. Increase air flow 3. Improve pressure regulation structure and increase air pressure rise speed 4. Design Choose a reasonable stretching force 5, adjust the temperature of the baking box, the product wall thickness is not uniform 1, the parison wall thickness is not uniform 2, the parison temperature is not uniform 3, the stretching rate is too low 4, the stretching rod is offset 1, Adjust the preform 2. Adjust the temperature distribution of the oven 3. Increase the stretching ratio 4. Adjust the thinness of the stretch rod product 1. The stretch and blowing temperature is too high 2. The intermediate temperature of the parison is too high 1. Reduce the stretch and blowing temperature 2. Lower the heating temperature in the middle section of the oven. The upper part of the product is thin and the bottom is thick. 1. The blowing line speed is too high. 2. The blowing time is improperly selected. 3. The blowing temperature is not appropriate. 1. Lower the stretch and blowing temperature. 2. Advance the blowing time slightly. 3. Adjust the blowing time. The heating temperature of the oven reduces the temperature of the bottleneck part and increases the temperature of the bottom part. The bottom of the product is thinner and the upper part is thick. 1. The linear speed of stretch and blowing is too low 2. The blowing time is not properly selected. 3. The temperature of stretch and blowing is inappropriate. Air time 3. Increase the temperature of the upper part of the oven and lower the temperature of the bottom
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