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by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-07
YCQ series automatic blow molding machine is a fully automatic linear PET blow molding machine produced by our company. First of all, the bottle blowing machine adopts an automatic feeding machine that automatically arranges the preforms and conveys the preforms. The conveyor belt is driven by the motor, and the preforms can be sequentially and neatly discharged at the entrance of the blowing host. This can reduce personnel and labor costs for the enterprise, and at the same time improve the efficiency and quality of production. Our bottle blowing host adopts a circular orbit operation mode. Through the control between the servo motor and the PLC, the preform can achieve accurate positioning and fast response when it runs on the orbit. The drive of the servo motor directly improves the working efficiency of the bottle blowing machine and reduces the failure rate at the same time. The light box is one of the main parts of our bottle blowing machine. Our company uses 8 lamp tubes to adjust the softness of the preform everywhere by adjusting the temperature of the lamp tubes, so that the preform can reach the most suitable bottle blowing state. In addition, our company adopts the working method of a constant temperature light box, which can adjust the overall heat in the light box through a fan, so that each preform in the light box can be heated evenly inside and outside, and the temperature difference between the preform and the preform is almost zero. In addition to the light box, the most important thing is the mold clamping system. We chose a four-plate mold clamping frame. The advantage of the four-plate clamping frame is that when the mold is closed, our high-pressure gas will provide a huge gas pressure to the mold, ensuring a high clamping rate, and the clamping line of the blown bottle is small and smooth. The above is an introduction to our company’s fully automatic bottle blowing machine. I hope that through this introduction, the majority of users can also understand the linear bottle blowing machine.
Clouds of blwoing machine company failures surround the world of pet bottle making machine manufacturers in particular, simply because people don’t pay as much attention to the bottle blowing machine as they should do.
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