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What is the overall situation of the blow molding machine now?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-04
As the price of crude oil has risen, the price of plastic raw materials has also risen, so container manufacturers are trying to reduce the weight of containers in order to save raw materials. And today, with the continuous awakening of environmental protection awareness, saving energy and reducing pollution has become an important indicator to measure the quality of products. In addition, the safety, quality, speed, cost, scope of application, and energy and raw material savings of the machine are all issues that bottle blowing machine manufacturers are devoted to. In order to compete with the quality of Chinese blow molding machines and win more domestic market share, some imported blow molding machine manufacturers are trying their best to reduce the price of the equipment. With the rising demand for high-quality products in the domestic market, imported machines with good performance will have better prospects. Domestic blow molding machine manufacturers make great efforts to develop new technologies, improve quality, and strive for better prices and larger market shares with better machines. In order to simplify the production process, the one-step bottle blowing machine integrates multiple processes of injection, drawing and blowing on one machine, saving a lot of energy and time. The one-step blow molding machine of Aokiku Research Institute is one of the outstanding representatives in this regard. The two-step rule is divided into two steps: preform production and stretch blow molding, which are completed on two independent machines. In the actual application process, the one-step method and the two-step method each have their own development space due to differences in product characteristics, environments and conditions. Squeeze blow tends to be more economical and molds are cheaper. When processing bottles with complex shapes, squeeze blowing should be used. Speed u200bu200bhas become the focus of market competition. In response to this trend, Hong Kong Yaqi Group has developed a model with an hourly output of 6,000 pieces. Its blow molding machines can produce containers from 1 ml to 1000 liters. Because PET material has the advantages of high transparency, good gloss, high strength, and stable chemical properties, its application in food, daily chemicals, etc. is becoming more and more extensive.
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