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What are the preparations for the auxiliary machine of the plastic blow molding machine before starting?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-25
What preparations should be done before starting the auxiliary machine for plastic production of plastic bottle blowing machine? ①Check whether the fastening nuts and safety cover of each part of the auxiliary machine of the plastic bottle blowing machine are loose, move the pulley of the transmission system by hand, and check the transmission parts Is the operation normal. ② Check whether the control box of the plastic blow molding machine has grounding protection. Test whether the emergency stop button works timely and accurately. ③ Check whether the test power supply, water supply, compressed air, heating and cooling systems are properly connected and whether there is leakage. ④According to the film thickness requirements of the product and the inflation ratio and draft ratio, determine the die gap, and use a feeler gauge to check the uniformity of the gap on the die circumference. Then fix the adjusting screw. ⑤ The heating and heating of the forming mold and the heating and heating of the barrel are carried out at the same time, and the temperature is kept constant for 30 minutes after reaching the process temperature. At the same time, the mercury thermometer is used to check and correct the temperature display error on the temperature control instrument. ⑥ Check and verify the distance between the air ring and the die (usually 30 ^-80mm), check the test tuyere angle and air volume. Check and adjust the angle between the chevron plates, the contact between the two rollers of the traction roller and the clamping force. Test the operating conditions of the pulling rolls and the coiler. Eliminate the found faults, remove all the tools and tools that are not related to production on the auxiliary machine, and the plastic blow molding machine is ready to be put into production.
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