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[Qingdao bottle blowing machine manufacturer] Dozens of water plant owners share the experience of how to choose a bottled water bottle blowing machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-02
Fast-moving consumer goods have always been loved by investors, especially water and beverage products, which are in high demand from customer groups. Many investors have begun to invest in building water plants to produce bottled water. The main core equipment of the bottled water production line is the bottle blowing machine. How to choose the right bottle blowing machine manufacturer determines the fate of the investor's water plant. Xiaobian combined dozens of water plant owners to share how to choose bottled water blowing machine manufacturers. 1. The stability of the bottle blowing machine equipment is the core. The stability of the bottle blowing machine is mainly due to the low failure rate of the bottle blowing machine. It can operate for a long time for 24 hours without any failures. At the same time, the bottles produced by the bottle blowing machine have a low rate of rejects and no defects. The water bottle appeared. The stability of the equipment directly determines the fate of this water plant. The water industry is a relatively special industry, and the instability of machinery and equipment has made many water plant owners almost never get up. Example: Mr. Peng from Qingdao used to be in real estate business. He bought a piece of mountainous land by himself. The mountain was rich in water resources. He started a water plant business. He selected a filling machine manufacturer in Zhangjiagang through investigation and signed a contract with 10,000 yuan per bottle per bottle. The hourly production line, the blow molding machine equipment is matched by the Zhangjiagang filling machine manufacturer. By the time of delivery, the actual output of the six-bottle water blow molding machine is only more than 3000 bottles/hour, and the output of other equipment is quite a lot. The equipment has a high failure rate, which eventually caused production failure. At present, the filling machine manufacturer has been sued before the court. This shows that the stability of the equipment is very important, I believe that many water plant owners are also deeply impressed. 2. After-sales service of the bottle blowing machine equipment After the water plant is operated and produced, the stability of the equipment reduces the waste of production time, but there will be problems with all mechanical equipment. When the bottle blowing machine has problems, the manufacturer’s failure resolution time is straightforward. Relative to most water plant owners, it is clear to most water plant owners that the bottle blowing machine in Huangyan area has a single problem and no one cares about it, there is no after-sales service, and the failure rate of the equipment is too high. The bottle blowing machine manufacturers in Guangdong area, due to the distance, The same is the problem of delaying after-sales. Therefore, it is very important to choose a reliable blow molding machine manufacturer. 3. Sharing skills for the selection of bottled water blow molding machines. After visiting dozens of water plant owners, they have always believed that the stability of the blow molding machine, the actual output of the blow molding machine, and the after-sales service of the blow molding machine should be paid attention to when choosing a bottled water blow molding machine. At the same time, pay attention to buying equipment to make money, not to save money. At the same time, do not blindly choose an unknowing blow molding machine manufacturer to avoid being deceived. Related recommendation: Jinan blow molding machine manufacturer, a six blow molding machine, stable production of 9000 bottles/hour, a four blow molding machine, a stable output of 4500 bottles/hour, a two blow molding machine, a stable production of 2400 bottles/hour, mineral water blow molding machine how much is one station?
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