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Interpretation of the stretching mechanism of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-13

The stretching part of the bottle blowing equipment is installed inside the bottle blowing machine, and its direct acting part is the stretching rods arranged at equal intervals. In the original state, the stretching rod is below the fixed head axis of the preform and is aligned with the center of the mold cavity respectively. During the blowing process, the stretch rod stretches quickly, enters the preform through the hole in the preform head shaft, and then pushes the top of the preform upwards to help the preform expand evenly under the action of high-pressure air. Based on process requirements, the stretching rod must be fast, accurate in positioning, and low in noise and vibration. And the stroke and speed can be precisely adjusted according to the needs of different bottle types. Replacement of the stretch rod: 1. Reasons for disassembly and assembly of the stretch rod 1. The size of the preform tooth part has changed. 2. The size of the inner diameter of the preform changes. 3. The size of the bottle or bottle shape changes. 2. Disassembly and adjustment steps of the stretching rod: 1. Use the man-machine interface to move the stretching rod to a proper position. 2. Rotate the bolt to unscrew the stretching rod from the connecting sleeve of the stretching rod. 3. Remove the screws at the bottom of the stretch rod connecting sleeve and take off the stretch rod connecting sleeve. 4. Take out the stretch rod from top to bottom. The method of installing the stretch rod is the opposite. The following is the description of the cycle movement process of the stretching part 1. The mold is in the open state, and the sealing and stretching are in the lower position, which is the initial state; 2. After the preform is in place and the mold is closed, the sealing cylinder moves upward, and the front end seal ring is pressed Tightly close to the lower end surface of the preform head shaft to complete the seal, which is the mold-clamping state; 3. The sealing cylinder begins to inject high-pressure air into the preform, and at the same time the stretching servo or cylinder starts, the stretching rod rises to the preset height, The body is expanded and formed, and the pressure in the bottle is maintained until it is solidified. This is the state of stretching and blowing; 4. The exhaust valve controls the exhaust, the sealing cylinder resets the mold to open, the stretching servo resets, and the stretching rod returns to the lower position, which is open. Mode reset state. At this point, a cycle of movement is completed, and the transmission system moves to move the finished bottle out of the mold cavity, and at the same time, the bottle embryo to be blown is sent into the mold cavity to enter the next cycle of action. ·This organization includes stretching group, sealing group and blowing group. ·The stretching group uses a stretching cylinder or a servo motor to move the stretching rod up and down. ·The sealing group enables the mouth to maintain the same pressure inside and outside to prevent deformation of the mouth. ·In the pre-blowing group, low-pressure air is injected while the stretch rod rises. After a period of pre-blowing, high-pressure air is injected to form the bottle. The stretch rod of the bottle blowing equipment must be vertically and centered with the nozzle of the mold. There is a 1mm gap between the rod head and the bottom of the mold. The bottom of the stretch rod is aligned with each other and cannot be high or low. The head is inserted into the mouth of the preform.                                

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