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In what ways can the blow molding machine mechanism innovate?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-02
As a user of the product oil bottle automatic blow molding machine, one out of one automatic blow molding machine, hot filling blow molding machine, lampshade blow molding machine, space cup blow molding machine, etc. Have you thought about this problem introduced in the title? ? Let me introduce to you below. 1. Preform conveying mechanism of the blow molding machine: The unique preform mandrel conveying mechanism ensures that the preform has no risk of being reversed during heating. 2. High-speed operation of the clamping mechanism: the arc of the invention patent with independent intellectual property rights is the clamping structure, and the special clamping and pressurization system ensures stable and noise-free high-speed operation. 3. Hot-filling bottle forming mechanism: When blowing hot-filling bottles, a three-way circulation type specially designed distributor is used to evenly distribute the water/oil temperature of different requirements to different parts of the mold, so that the crystallinity of the bottle can achieve the best effect. . 4. Lightweight and energy-saving bottle blowing system: the double combination of cold air and hot air is used to forcibly cool the bottle mouth and the driving mandrel during heating, so as to achieve a better cooling method. The air induction device is adopted in the heating box to overcome the air convection, ensure the balance of the heating temperature of the preform, and prevent the surface of the preform from overheating. 5. Energy-saving air blowing combination valve of sealing machine: The control valve is connected by no pipeline, with compact structure, simple debugging and maintenance, reasonable high and low pressure gas consumption, and better energy consumption control. Simple and reliable manipulator: The manipulator of the cam link type for taking blanks and bottles is simple, with excellent coordination and low manufacturing cost. Closed-loop temperature control mode; preform temperature feedback tracking temperature compensation; quickly reach a stable state of preform heating. 6. Clean and safe molding design: The equipment adopts a fully enclosed structure, which ensures a clean molding environment, eliminates the pollution of the molding bottle from the outside world, and ensures the cleanliness of the molding of the large medical infusion bottle. The perfect and reliable safety door system ensures the safety of the operator and the long-term operation stability of the equipment.
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