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Customs code of blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-26
The customs code is often used in the export declaration of the bottle blowing machine. In order to make it easier for everyone to check the customs code of the bottle blowing machine, the editor has compiled the common customs codes of the bottle blowing machine for reference only. ,    automatic blow molding machine customs HS code: 84773000   customs code Chinese name and use 40103900.00 blow molding machine accessories (conveyor belt) used to convey the preform|long strip|rubber|unreinforced|4.2*0.3m|length 73158900.00 mandrel chain is used Blow Molding Machine|Steel/Hinged Chain|No need to report 82057000.00 Blow Molding Machine Accessories (Clamp) Used on Blow Molding Machine|Steel|Clamps|Set, a set of two|MAG 84133029.00 Blow Molding Machine Accessories (Pump) Blow Bottle machine accessories|50KW|Unlicensed|Unlicensed 84136029.90 The hydraulic pump reciprocating movement in the cylinder through the plunger|Rotary type|For the bottle blowing machine|Unlicensed|  39269010.00 Plastic gasket for Sidel bottle blowing machine| Plastic |SIEDL|04022027  39269090.90 Plastic tape blow molding machine|PVC product|Sidel brand|0426488240  40169310.00 Blow molding machine parts (seal) For blow molding machine|Rubber|MG|29.5*19*3.5  40169310.00 Blow molding machine parts (Sealing ring) Used on blow molding machine|Vulcanized rubber|MAG|29.5*19*3.5  73269019.00 Guide column industrial use|Iron|Blow molding machine parts|Turning|No further processing 76169910.90 Mould frame used in blow molding machine protection mold|Aluminum |Mould frame|No other 76169910.90 mold shell industrial use, used for blow molding machine protection mold|aluminum|mold shell 76169910.90 aluminum block industrial use|aluminum|blow molding machine accessories 84123100.90 cylinder (linear type) linear action|for blow molding machine |Sidel Brand|000001484  84313900.00 Manipulator Handle Blow Molding Machine|No Brand|No Model
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