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Coating technique of the analytic PET bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-08-27
Because the PET bottle blowing machine separated layer in the bottle, to avoid damage during storage, make products to achieve a long shelf life. Test shows that no matter from the PET bottle blowing machine parker in keeping the product quality and save achieves a good effect on taste, can according to customer demand for the product shelf life, more make the product shelf life at 4 ~ 12 months. Through continuous improvement, now GLASKIN technology can make the PET bottle blowing machine packaging system for coating 0. 2 ~ 2 l bottle blowing machine productivity as high as 6000 ~ 180000 / h. GLASKIN PET bottle also conform to the principle of environmental protection, in the process of recycling, silica thin layer can be separated from the bottle blowing machine, while recycled PET plastic the new bottle blowing machine or artificial flower material wool. In addition, GLASKIN lighter than glass bottles, PET bottles should not be broken, can reduce pollution caused by product transportation. Working principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine for the whole system is simple, because of the need to supply the drawing of cylinder and blowing this part, the installation structure is also very convenient, it is worth noting that the recycle gas and the balance between consumption volume, therefore in the production of different volumetric flask son should grasp the good relationship between supply and demand. Although the gas recycling system only can provide a drawing, blowing two parts, seem a bit a blemish, but its small investment, SBO10/14, for example just twenty thousand or so, depending on the accessories price) And return ( Save cost 16 ~ 200000) , independence is strong, A failure or other reasons, can use the original gas supply system) , high flexibility, Simple installation, convenient) , very accord with the fundamental principles of our technological transformation project, make the product more market competition ability in the boot when idling not bottle blowing, low pressure gas through the pipeline to tensile cylinder solenoid store trachea, back to the purchase by check valve isolation between trachea and tensile cylinder store, back to the collection and storage endotracheal without the low pressure gas, the gas circuit system of the stretching and blowing system to keep the original state before the unimproved. Another internal coating technology USES bottle blowing machine internal amorphous carbon coating machine, this is a way to use carbon source gas, plasma and formed under microwave excitation on the inner wall of the bottle, deposition of amorphous carbon film equipment. Its structure manipulation by a vacuum system, can cause internal cavity vacuum bottle blowing machine, a microwave system of microwave on the bottle blowing machine, make the bottle blowing machine carbon source gas plasma produced by the inner cavity resonator. System connected with carbon source gas injection system, can complete the bottle blowing machine inner cavity inject carbon source gas. Take advantage of this coating machine bottle blowing machine can effectively control the gas inside the bottle from the bottle wall erosion, or, bottle gas from the wall into the bottle.
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