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Challenge new bottle shapes and create possibilities for customers! Bottle type-Machinery specializes in producing different bottle types

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-13
With the continuous development of globalization, cultural exchanges between regions have become more popular, and people's aesthetics have also undergone subtle changes. This is also true in our industry. Many Asian and African countries like European bottles. These bottles are more or less aristocratic. At first glance, they can obviously attract the attention of customers. These bottles are obviously different from ordinary drinking water bottles, with sharp edges and corners and high-end design. More and more customers are inclined to these bottles. After detailed market research and many exchanges with customers, our company gradually understands the preference of bottle shapes in various regions around the world. We can provide customers with their favorite bottle shapes every time. In the process of work, we will do more with less questions, and do our best to provide customers with choices. This picture is a bottle designed by our company for domestic customers. It has a strong French urban style. Now the customer has put into production and the business is booming. Last time, we sent a box of finished water to our company to share the joy of success with us. ! Behind these beautiful bottles is also the result of the hard work of our employees. In the process of bottle design, every request of the customer is patiently listened to, and the design drawings are modified without the trouble. After the graphics were confirmed, the mold was processed nervously. In the later period, the customer has a rigid requirement for the weight of the bottle considering the cost. Our company is also constantly debugging, even working overtime, just to meet the customer's requirements. With the development of the times and market demand, our company is constantly improving its strength, meeting the needs of customers, and being able to surpass itself in the new era!
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