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Auxiliary plastic injection blow molding machines for production

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-08
Plastic injection blow molding machines for production of auxiliary equipment generally includes: conveyor belt, compressed air purification equipment, raw material drying machine and automatic feeding machine, machine and mould. Auxiliary parts can play an important role and contribution in the use, to ensure normal blow molding machines, machine guarantee of the normal production and processing, can be used in different industries. Blow molding machines for production of auxiliary machine parts in use has different characteristics and performance, can produce different effect, in using the following simple introduction of blow molding machines for production of auxiliary engine structure and characteristics of each part: compressed air purification equipment including oil free compressor, storage tank, air dryer, filters and other systems. General air entering the gas circuit system for after dust, water, not oil mist of compressed air, dust and moisture content is below 100 Mg/m3, filtration precision in 5 um, blowing pressure 1. 2 mpa gas & ge; 0. 5立方米/分钟。 Usually, if the raw material moisture content exceeds bid badly, it will cause the surface of the blow molding machines, irregular stripes and bubble dryer drying material is required at this time. In general, as long as the scientific and normative land purchase and storage of raw materials, there is no need to use raw material drying machine. In order to improve the automation level of production equipment and reduce the labor intensity of workers, automatic feeding machine is a suggested alternative.
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