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Automatic bottle blowing machine industry outlook

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-12
At present, four automatic bottle blowing machine world powers America, Japan, Germany, Italy attaches great importance to the market and user requirements, to improve machine revolutions, increase productivity as an important indicator of design pursuit. A main way to improve productivity is to improve the speed, but improve the machine speed is a complex problem; The higher the speed, the lower unit production costs, can use plant area increases, the failure rate increases, will lower the efficiency, so should be to seek the optimal point, the machine speed increase for the material of other components, reliability, performance and life also want related influence, in general, the speed was improved 15% ~ 20% will bring a series of complex problems, and motor speed is limited can't think how fast how fast. In addition to improve the speed, increase productivity but also from other channels to try to solve. About the personage inside course of study thinks, the automatic bottle blowing machine industry will cooperate with industrial automation trends, technology will develop towards four directions: one is the mechanical function diversification. Industrial and commercial products have tendency of refinement and diversity, changes in the environment situation, diversity, flexibility and has a variety of switch function of packaging machine can adapt to the market demand. Secondly, the structure design, standardization and modularization. Make full use of existing model modularization design, can in a short period of time converting the new models. Three is to control the intelligent. Now commonly used PLC automatic bottle blowing factory and power load controller, PLC elasticity is very big, but still did not have a computer, Including software) Have strong function. Four is structure and high precision. Structure design and structure of motion control is a matter of the merits of the automatic bottle blowing machine performance, through the motor, encoder and digital control ( NC) , the power load control ( PLC) High precision controller to complete and moderately do product extension, toward the direction of automatic bottle blowing machine research and development of high-tech industry.
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