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Automatic bottle blowing machine advantages lined up

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-19
Fully automatic bottle blowing machine has the following advantages: high productivity: bottle blowing amount per hour 1600 & ndash; — 1800. High cleanliness without pollution. Totally enclosed production area, to avoid the secondary pollution of the product. Low production cost; Compact mechanical structure, the stability of the heating system, adjustable craft production, greatly reduces the amount of water, electricity, gas, various security measures, make the human cost, fully automatic machine production and management costs sharply lower. Visibility, maintainability, security is good. The whole production process and machine movements can be observed through the transparent window. To facilitate the operator grasps condition and machine production. High degree of mechanical and electrical integration, mechanical and electrical work closely, accurate. Highly automated, intelligent, friendly user interface, the user operation is simple and convenient. Reliable PLC control, accurate and fast information feedback network, users by manipulating the screen in a timely manner to understand the status of the equipment operation, alarm information, etc. Future automatic bottle blowing machine industry will cooperate with industrial automation trends, technology will develop towards four directions: one is the mechanical function diversification. Industrial and commercial products have tendency of refinement and diversity, changes in the environment situation, diversity, flexibility and has a variety of switch function of packaging machine can adapt to the market demand. Secondly, the structure design, standardization and modularization. Make full use of existing model modularization design, can in a short period of time converting the new models. Three is to control the intelligent. Now commonly used PLC automatic bottle blowing factory and power load controller, PLC elasticity is very big, but still did not have a computer, Including software) Have strong function. Automatic bottle blowing machine manufacturers focus on the development of more and more fast, low cost automatic bottle blowing machine, is the development trend of future equipment smaller, more flexible and versatile, high efficiency. The trend but also to save time, reduce cost, so the packaging world pursues is combination, simple, portable automatic bottle blowing machine. In terms of automatic bottle blowing machine automation, automation program has been widely used, such as PLC equipment, such as data collection system.
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