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[Zhangjiagang Blow Molding Machine] How should blow molding machine manufacturers optimize the structure of the blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-04
Zhangjiagang blow molding machine mainly produces mineral water bottle blow molding machine and oil bottle blow molding machine. The blow molding machine ranges from one out of two to one out of eight hot-filling blow molding machines. With the advancement of science and technology in recent years, the traditional blow molding machine Bottle machine manufacturers are unable to adapt to the development needs of the market and are facing a new round of reshuffle. How should Zhangjiagang blow molding machine manufacturers optimize their blow molding machine equipment from their own blow molding machine structure, so as to adapt to the development of the blow molding machine era.  Zhangjiagang bottle blowing machine new type blow molding machine structure transformation suggestion:   1. Preform conveying mechanism: a unique preform mandrel conveying mechanism to ensure that there is no risk of overturning the preform during heating.  2. High-speed operating mold clamping mechanism: The arc of the invention patent with independent intellectual property rights is a mold-locking structure, a special mold-locking pressurization system, high-speed operation is stable and noise-free. 3. Hot-filled bottle forming mechanism: When blowing hot-filled bottles, a three-way circulating special designed distributor is used to evenly distribute different required water/oil temperatures to different parts of the mold, so that the bottle crystallinity can achieve the best effect .  4. Lightweight and energy-saving bottle blowing system: It adopts a dual combination of cold air and hot air to forcibly cool the bottle mouth and drive shaft during heating to achieve the best cooling method. In the heating box, an air-inducing device is used to overcome air convection to ensure the balance of the heating temperature of the preform and prevent the surface of the preform from overheating.  5. Energy-saving sealing machine blowing combination valve: the control valve has no pipeline connection, compact structure, simple debugging and maintenance, reasonable high and low pressure gas consumption, to achieve the best energy consumption control. Simple and reliable manipulator: The cam-linked blank and bottle taking manipulator is simple and convenient, with excellent coordination and low manufacturing cost. Closed-loop temperature control mode; preform temperature feedback and temperature compensation; quickly reach a stable state of preform heating.  6. u200bu200bClean and safe molding design: The equipment adopts a fully enclosed structure to ensure a clean molding environment, prevent external contamination of the molding bottle, and ensure the cleanliness of the molding of large medical infusion bottles. The perfect and reliable safety door system ensures the safety of the operators and the long-term stability of the equipment. Summary: The above is the suggestion for the transformation and upgrading of Zhangjiagang blow molding machine. While continuously improving its own quality, it also needs to learn from the peers. Zhangjiagang blow molding machine Jinyi blow molding machine has focused on the development of blow molding machines for 15 years and has rich design and development experience. The blow molding machine has a new structure and is well received by the market.
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