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YCQ-2L-4 blow molding machine is sent to the Bahamas! Blow Molding Machine-Professional Machinery Equipment Manufacturer

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-07-07
2016.7.14 The sky was drizzling, and the hot and humid weather made people lazy, but the employees in Jinyi Machinery did not slack in the slightest, nervously arranging the packing tasks for customers in Bahamas. Under the arrangement of Director Yang, the main engine and various auxiliary machines were neatly arranged at the door early so that the packing can be completed smoothly and quickly when the container comes, which reflects the professional and prompt work spirit of Jinyi people. The hot-selling YCQ-2L-4 automatic blow molding machine is shipped this time. The output of this blow molding machine is as high as 4000-4400 bottles per hour, which meets the requirements of small and medium-sized enterprises and is also very competitive in terms of price. As the sales leader of Jinyi's new machine in 2016, based on the servo machine, we changed the previous Parker blow valve to the MAC combination valve, which greatly improved the blow speed and stability. The accessories of the whole machine are all from Germany and Japan. Internationally renowned brands such as Schneider, Orman, SMC, and Mitsubishi ensure both output and stability. This is also the reason why Jinyi blow molding machines are widely praised at home and abroad. The packing was completed within an hour. This is inseparable from the hard work of the master in the driving room and the professional operation of the office staff. This is an important reason why Jin Yi can make customers feel at ease and at ease. We believe that the YCQ-2L-4 bottle blowing opportunity will bring wealth to customers in the land of Bahamas, and let more Bahamas customers understand the 'artisan spirit' of Jinyi Machinery.
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