YOSION Machinery Committed to stable performance automatic pet bottle blowing machine production line since 1990s

Why manual pet blowing machine is produced by so many manufacturers?
More and more Chinese small and medium-sized manufacturers choose to produce blowing machine , which has good business prospects due to its wide application and low cost. These products are easier to customize to meet customer requirements. In other words, manufacturers can meet design, resource and manufacturing requirements. Manufacturers must develop the ability to select and deliver the right products or services to their customers in a highly competitive market.

With a reputable brand name that is known both domestic and overseas, Yosion Machinery gradually takes the lead in manual pet blowing machine industry. Yosion Machinery's main products include manual pet blowing machine series. Yosion Machinery manual bottle blowing machine will be strictly inspected and tested for quality. Its mechanical parts, including motor, transmission shaft, connecting rod, gear, and other parts will be tested under specific testing equipment. All parts of the product are processed by CNC machining, which ensures they conform to the national standard. This product is colorfast. The excessive dyes on the surface are totally treated and removed and the dyes are of high quality. The product makes little noise when running.

Our mission is to be the most forward-looking company that features high customer satisfaction. We will put more effort and devotion to listen to customers' needs and strive to offer them the most targeted product solution.
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