YOSION Machinery Committed to stable performance automatic pet bottle blowing machine production line since 1990s

Why choose bottle preform mould produced by Yosion Machinery?
Compared with products developed by other manufacturers, preform mould is more competitive in both price and usability. Yosion Machinery implements the quality management system throughout manufacturing processes, resulting in the high pass rate of the product. Our product is delicate in design, stable in structure, reliable in quality, and competitive in price. This explains why so many customers and enterprises will choose our product. In addition, we provide many value-added services like return and warranty, which leverages the customer experience and achieves high cost-efficiency.

The target of Yosion Machinery is to be a leader in manual pet blowing machine manufacturing. We do strive to develop and make ourself stronger no matter in R&D or manufacturing capacity. Yosion Machinery's main products include blowing machine series. Yosion Machinery plastic bottle making machine has been tested to meet the requirements of basic standards. These standards cover parts tolerances&deformation, size stability, specification consistency, and function realization. Designed with a HMI control panel, it is characterized by simple operation. The dehydrating process will not contaminate the food. The water vapor will not evaporate on top and drop to the below food trays because the vapor will condense and separate out to the defrosting tray. With an easy-to-hold design, the product can replace the preform holder very easily.

We grow together with our local communities. By giving support to the local economy, such as taking part in financing activities and blending into the industrial clusters, we always play an active role.
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