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Which brand of blowing machine is better?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-02
The bottle blowing machine is to blow the preforms made of plastic particles through certain blowing machine technology such as: feeding, heating, high pressure blowing, stretching and clamping, etc., to blow into bottles. With the development of the domestic plastics market, people are The demand for plastic bottles has increased, and the bottle blowing machine has become the main equipment for blowing plastic bottles in China. Then which region has the best quality of the bottle blowing machine, and which brand is better? How to choose the brand of blow molding machine? The blow molding machine manufacturer will share with you which brand of blow molding machine is better based on the domestic market. 1. Domestic blow molding machine brand market analysis. Domestic blow molding machines are mainly concentrated in Hebei, Henan, Zhejiang, Guangdong and other regions. The Huangyan area of u200bu200bZhejiang is the birthplace of domestic blow molding machines, but mainly semi-automatic blow molding machines. With the increasing demand for plastic bottles, the output of semi-automatic blow molding machines cannot meet the production needs of enterprises. Instead, fully automatic blow molding machines have become the mainstream equipment in the current market. The automatic blow molding machine in Hebei is mainly based on pe and pp plastic blow molding machines. The Henan region is mainly represented by the Jinyi blow molding machine brand, and the pet automatic blow molding machine is the core product, which is mainly used for mineral water. , Beverage bottle blowing, and 5L-10L edible oil barrel automatic blowing machine, occupy the most market in Henan, Shandong, Jiangsu and Anhui, and southern Yunnan. The blow molding machine in Guangdong is mainly based on the brand of automatic blow molding machine, and in Fujian, the main brand is full crown. 2. Market analysis of foreign blow molding machine brands Compared with domestic blow molding machines, foreign blow molding machines are mostly rotary automatic blow molding machines, such as rotary high-speed blow molding machines represented by Krones, and most domestic large enterprises such as farmers It is adopted by brands such as Shanquan, but generally small and medium-sized enterprises cannot pay the high equipment price of millions of dollars and the annual after-sales maintenance and maintenance costs of hundreds of thousands. Compared with foreign blow molding machines, domestic blow molding machines have low prices, but the output is relatively behind that of foreign blow molding machines, and the stability is convenient. Domestic blow molding machine technology continues to improve, such as Jin Yi blow molding machine with six automatic blow molding machines. The stable output is 9,000 bottles/hour, and the one-shot automatic blow molding machine is stable at 12,000 bottles/hour. Compared with the industry, the output is high and the equipment is stable. 3. Which domestic blow molding machine brand is better? From the above analysis of the blow molding machine industry, as well as the market share, Jinyi blow molding machine represented by Henan has a high output and focuses on product research and development. A new generation of automatic blow molding machine, High speed and low energy consumption, it is a new type of environmentally friendly automatic bottle blowing machine, which meets the needs of national environmental protection development, and is especially suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises.  Related recommendation: Which brand of automatic bottle blowing machine has low energy consumption? How much is a bottle blowing machine, the factory direct quotation
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