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Which blow molding machine manufacturer is better? Selection considerations!

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-06
Bottle blowing machine is mainly used to blow PET and other plastic crystals into plastic bottles. It is widely used in beverages, bottled water, edible oil drums, jars (scented tea, honey, etc.), pesticide bottles and other industries. With the continuous improvement of domestic blow molding machine technology, the blow molding machine has developed into an intelligent, fully automatic, and high-speed automatic blow molding machine. Generally, when companies choose blow molding machine manufacturers, they mainly choose automatic blow molding machines. Different blow molding machine manufacturers have different technical capabilities, and the performance of the blow molding machine equipment is quite different. So what should be paid attention to when choosing a fully automatic blow molding machine manufacturer? Which blow molding machine manufacturer is better? 1. Does the blow molding machine manufacturer have the ability to continuously innovate and develop blow molding machines? With the development of the industry, the demand for blow molding from customers continues to increase. Traditional semi-automatic blow molding machines cannot meet the demand. Zhejiang region belongs to the birthplace of blow molding machines. However, mainly semi-automatic blow molding machine manufacturers. With the development of these years, Zhejiang blow molding machine manufacturers are unable to keep up with the pace of the times and have no innovative spirit. Most of the technology stays in the semi-automatic blow molding machine process, and the improved automatic blow molding machine Machine stability The current market response is not good, so when choosing a blow molding machine manufacturer, you should choose a company with continuous and reliable technology research and development capabilities for automatic blow molding machine equipment.  2, is the bottle blowing machine equipment stable?  The bottle blowing machine plays a very important role in the entire water production line, and it is also the core equipment to reduce the production cost of water enterprises. The bottle blowing machine is not like other equipment, there is no possibility of second blowing. The bottles are all blown at one time, otherwise they will become defective products. The instability of the bottle blowing machine will mean that the bottle blowing machine produces more defective products. , The production cost is increased. 3. Is the output of the blow molding machine equipment high? At present, the blow molding machine manufacturers in different regions have the same number of mold cavities, and the output varies greatly. Huangyan area produces two automatic blow molding machines. The output is between 1600-1800, the actual output of a four-blow molding machine is 3500-400 bottles/hour, and the actual output of a six-automatic blow molding machine is 60,000 bottles/hour. Henan Jinyi bottle blowing machine output one output two actual output is 2400 bottles/hour, one output four automatic bottle blowing machine output is 4500 bottles/hour, one output six automatic bottle blowing machine stable output 9000 bottles/hour, water is recommended When purchasing a bottle blowing machine, companies should not only pay attention to the number of cavities of the bottle blowing machine, but also pay more attention to the actual production output of the bottle blowing machine. 4. Whether the after-sales service of the blow molding machine is perfect. The after-sales service of the blow molding machine has always been a factor restricting the rapid development of the blow molding machine. The customer’s production problems can not be solved quickly, causing the production to stop. Bottle-blowing machine manufacturers in other regions even have a one-off deal. After customers have purchased the bottle-blowing machine, they do not provide after-sales service to the customer, which seriously affects the production of water companies. Therefore, when choosing a blow molding machine manufacturer, the after-sales service of the blow molding machine must be perfect. Summary: The above is the best blow molding machine manufacturer, and the matters that should be paid attention to when choosing a blow molding machine. It is recommended that users consider blow molding machine manufacturers with good reputations, such as Henan Jinyi, which has a high market share and customer return rate. high. At the same time, it is recommended not only pay attention to the price of the blow molding machine when purchasing the blow molding machine, but also consider the long-term stability of the blow molding machine, as well as the maintenance and after-sales cost of the blow molding machine in the future.
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