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Which automatic blow molding machine is better?

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-04
The automatic blow molding machine is easy to operate due to its high degree of automation, man-machine interface. It is loved by small and medium-sized enterprises. At present, many small and medium-sized enterprises give priority to automatic blow molding machines when they choose blow molding machines. Although the market threshold of blow molding machines is higher than that of other industries, automatic blow molding machine manufacturers on the market are still relatively high. Many, the technical capabilities of various manufacturers are also uneven, which is the best automatic blow molding machine manufacturer? How to choose an automatic bottle blowing machine?  1. Principle of automatic bottle blowing machine   For small and medium-sized enterprises, most of the automatic bottle blowing machines are linear two-step bottle blowing machines, which have high speed and strong stability. The principle of the automatic bottle blowing machine is actually very simple. The blowing process is as follows:    1. Pour the preform into the loading bin, and the automatic preform elevator will automatically feed the preform to the clamping jaws of the blowing machine. 2. The clamping jaws will put the preform into the clamping jaws of the blowing machine. The claws turn and feed the material to the conveying chain of the bottle blowing machine. 3. The automatic conveying chain sends the preform to the heating oven. 4. The infrared heating lamp tube heats the preform to a suitable temperature and sends it to the clamping device through the conveying chain. , The clamping device blows the preform into shape through stretching, pre-blowing and high-pressure blowing. 2. Advantages of automatic bottle blowing machine 1. High degree of automation, man-machine interface, simple operation 2. From feeding to bottle blowing, no manual intervention is required, labor saving 3. Relatively semi-automatic bottle blowing machine, high efficiency, bottle forming High rate, save time and money.  4. The heating lamps are controlled separately in different zones to ensure that the preform is heated evenly.   Third, automatic blow molding machine manufacturers choose to pay attention to     1. Whether the equipment is stable     Stability is the primary factor in choosing a blow molding machine, the stability of the blow molding machine directly affects the production and operation of the entire assembly line, and directly brings losses to the enterprise. 2. Whether the energy consumption is normal. When companies choose bottle blowing machine equipment, it is easy to ignore the energy consumption problem. The energy consumption of the bottle blowing machine indirectly affects the final profit of the company. If the energy consumption is 20%, it will bring 1% of the company. profit.  3. Whether it has continuous research and development capabilities  continuous research and development capabilities, it can be seen whether the manufacturer has perfect and innovated blow molding machine equipment, and the team with research and development capabilities can continue to create more high-quality blow molding machines. 4. Whether the after-sales service is perfect. After-sales service is a key factor in choosing blow molding machine manufacturers. At present, many blow molding machine manufacturers reduce prices and disrupt the market only for market share. Cheap prices are naturally good for business users, but these Blow molding machine manufacturers do not have perfect after-sales service. The blow molding machine has problems, no one is repaired, and the company is unable to produce normally. The gains are not worth the loss. There are still many injured companies. It is recommended that you must choose a perfect one when you choose a blow molding machine. After-sales service manufacturers. 4. The automatic blow molding machine manufacturers recommend that the automatic blow molding machine is currently mainly produced in the vast and Zhejiang area. The equipment in Huangyan, Zhejiang is generally stable and the price is slightly lower. Most manufacturers do not have after-sales service, and the equipment in the vast area is of high quality. Some, but the price is generally expensive, and small and medium-sized enterprises cannot afford it. Henan Jinyi blow molding machine has 15 years of manufacturing experience in blow molding machine equipment. The quality of the blow molding machine equipment is excellent, the comprehensive cost-effectiveness is high, and the perfect after-sales service is more than 95%. The preferred brand of small and medium mineral water companies.
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