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What systems are included in the maintenance of the blow molding machine, blow molding machine maintenance-mechanical equipment

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-22
Strengthening the low maintenance of the blow molding machine is one of the indispensable conditions to ensure normal production and prolong the service life of the equipment. The correct arrangement of equipment overhaul, medium repair and minor repair plan is extremely important to improve product quality. Jinyi PET blow molding machine puts forward the following suggestions: 1. Overhaul The overhaul time should be carried out within the time of the overhaul of the glass melting furnace as much as possible. Mainly carry out a comprehensive and thorough repair of the bottle blowing machine. All parts that need to be replaced are replaced to avoid downtime during the production process. Generally, it should be considered that it can be used until the next overhaul. The parts that are usually replaced during overhaul are: piston rods, pistons, racks, gears, spline shafts, spline sleeves, hinge pumps, and various shaft sleeves. 2. Intermediate repairs Generally once every six months, mainly replace and repair the parts that affect the quality of the bottle blowing. If the parts that do not affect the quality of the bottle blowing can be used, use as much time as possible to avoid waste. The frequently-changed parts are: small shaft, small sleeve, seal trap, clamp bottle clamp, etc. 3. Small repair The blow molding machine should be repaired at any time if it fails. If it can be used to replace the product or when the power fails, it is best to reduce downtime. In order to strengthen the management of the bottle blowing machine and improve the quality of maintenance, the bottle blowing machine should establish an operation and maintenance status card, which includes: 1. The equipment is put into production time. Bottle blowing machine PET bottle blowing machine WeChat public account: Ecengcompany
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