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What should I do if the bottom of the bottle is uneven and the bottom of the bottle is uneven? Expert answers!

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-03
In the process of blowing plastic bottles, it is inevitable that the blown bottles will be unqualified, and the bottom of the bottle will be uneven. Sometimes, the bottom of the bottle will have uneven thickness. Facing this problem, Jinyi combined with customer feedback. With the solution of the bottle blowing machine master, we will provide you with solutions to common problems with uneven or uneven bottom of the bottle blowing machine.  Fault analysis:   1, mold problem   During the mold design process of the bottle blowing machine, the number of vent holes at the bottom of the mold is not enough. It is recommended to replace the mold with better quality. The blow molding machine used by Jin Yi uses four out of four to one out of twelve blow molding machines, which all use 7075 aviation aluminum molds, so the probability of mold failure is extremely low.  2. The design of the stretch rod is unreasonable, the design of the stretch rod head does not conform to the shape of the bottom of the preform, or the stretch rod does not reach the bottom. Solution: Replace the stretch rod and adjust the stretch rod to the bottom of the bottle. The stretch rod of Jinyi bottle blowing machine adopts a one-time qualitative design, and the structure of the stretch rod is reasonable, without adjustment, so as to avoid the problem of bottle bottom blowing caused by the problem of the stretch rod.  3. The bottom temperature of the bottle is too high. During the heating process of the preform, the bottom of the preform is heated too high, and the bottom of the bottle bears insufficient tension rod pressure, or the bottom of the bottle bursts due to excessive tension pressure. Solution: Adjust the temperature of the heating lamp on the top of the light box to a suitable temperature, while reducing the high-pressure blowing time and increasing the cooling time.  4. The blowing pressure is insufficient or the blowing time is too short, causing the bottom of the bottle to be stressed for too short, and the bottom of the bottle is not formed. Solution: Check whether the high-pressure supply meets the blowing standard, and adjust the blowing time appropriately.   5. The bottle's own structural design defects, resulting in poor bottle bottom forming. Solution: Optimize the design of the bottom of the bottle. Summary: The above is the reason and solution of the common bottle bottom irregularities such as the uneven bottom of the bottle blown by the bottle blowing machine, and the solution, due to different bottle blowing machine manufacturers. The structural design of its own is different, and the maintenance is slightly different, but the cause of the failure is the same. For details, you can consult the after-sales master of the blow molding machine manufacturer for assistance. Related recommendations: Causes and solutions for the bottom of the bottle-blowing machine. Causes and adjustments of the bottom of the bottle-blowing machine. The reasons for the bottom of the bottle and the adjustment method. The bottom of the bottle blown by the bottle-blowing machine is not shaped. The solution. Method
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