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What is the process of blowing a bottle with a blow molding machine? What are the characteristics?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-08
After the preform is placed, it enters the blow molding machine. First, the preform is poured into the hopper, and then enters the preform handler through the climber, and the preform that is not placed correctly (the preform should be placed correctly should be placed upward) is sent back to the hopper machine. Re-embryo. After the preforms are sorted, the next step is to enter the straight guide rail (the last preparation stage before entering the blow molding machine), then enter the loading turntable of the blow molding machine, and enter the oven for heating. The oven is annular, and the heating part of the oven Divided into 14 areas and divided into two parts, the preform first enters the front section of the oven - the penetration furnace (the part of the embryo body below the preform mouth is heated, accounting for 7 divisions and nine parts of heating, that is, nine One lamp tube heats nine parts, and the power of each lamp tube is not adjustable and controlled uniformly. When one lamp tube is turned on, the rest of the eight tubes have a higher power. Generally, it is only when producing bottles with larger volumes. before opening the penetration furnace). The preheating temperature of the mineral water bottle is about 115 degrees, and the whole preheating stage is mainly concentrated in zones 2-13. Generally, 5 infrared lamps are turned on, no lamps are turned on in zone 1, and only 1 lamp is turned on in zone 14. Tube. The blowing process of the mineral water bottle is actually a cooling process. There is circulating cooling water around the mold to cool the bottle body, while the hot filling bottle is mainly cooled by the air duct. . After being heated by the penetration furnace, it enters the distribution furnace. The power of each lamp in the distribution furnace is adjustable. The power of the first lamp is higher than that of the other eight lamps. The power of the first lamp is 3000w. , the power of the remaining few is 2500W. After the oven, the temperature of the preform needs to reach about 120 degrees Celsius. After this preheating process, it is conducive to blowing the bottle. Preheating the preform to about 120 degrees Celsius is a more favorable temperature for blowing. However, this temperature is also adjusted according to the weight of the bottle. 120 degrees Celsius is the temperature for a 28-gram bottle. If it is a 26-gram bottle, the temperature should be controlled at about 110 degrees. Under normal circumstances, the temperature displayed by the meter will be higher than the actual temperature. High five to ten degrees Celsius. If the bottle is lighter and the temperature is higher, the blown bottle will be uneven in thickness, so the heating temperature should be controlled according to different bottle weights, so that the bottle can be blown evenly. The preheated preform enters the blowing wheel through the preform feeding manipulator. The blowing wheel has fourteen molds (this is SBO14. The information about the blowing machine mentioned in this article is SBO14. Different models are different ). The mold in the blowing wheel is heated with ring hot oil. The ring hot oil is heated by a heating rod. The principle is to heat the heating rod in the ring hot oil to heat the ring hot oil. Therefore, if the blow molding machine is shut down for a long time, it is necessary to preheat the blow molding machine before blowing the bottle, and the time is about three hours. For heating the mold, the mold body temperature is required to reach 150 degrees Celsius. The higher the mold temperature, the better the heat resistance. If the filled beverage bottle is deformed, it may be caused by insufficient mold temperature, but the mold temperature is too high. When the bottle is cooled, the shrinkage rate is too large, which affects the capacity of the bottle. The temperature of the bottom of the mold is generally 75 degrees Celsius. If the bottom temperature is too low, the bottom of the bottle will shrink inward, and if the bottom temperature is too high, the bottom of the bottle will bulge out until the bottom of the bottle and the bottom stick together. Bottle blowing is a process of blowing and pulling. First, the preform is pre-blown. The pre-blowing process is a distribution process of each part before the bottle body is formed: where is the shoulder of the bottle, where is the bottle body, and where is the bottom of the bottle, How many preforms are allocated to each part, etc., so pre-blowing is very important, and it is an important prerequisite for bottle forming. At almost the same time, the stretching rod stretches the preform, and the pre-blown and stretched preform is officially blown. The bottle needs to be blown with 40kg.f of high-pressure air, and the height is not more than 48kg.f. Generally, more than 35kg.f is enough, and mineral water bottles are generally about 10 kg.f lower than the bottom of hot-filling bottles. Bottle blowing is a process of fast heating and fast cooling. At the same time, the cooling time of the bottle can be controlled, and the capacity of the bottle can be controlled (long cooling and setting time of the bottle can increase the capacity of the bottle, and short cooling time can reduce the capacity of the bottle, but The adjustment of this capacity is only subtle, and it is impossible to adjust the capacity in a large range). When blowing the bottle, the compensation gas is injected into the mold holder at the same time as the pre-blowing. The compensation gas is generated and adjusted by the air bag inside the left mold holder, while there is no air bag inside the right mold holder, so the left mold The support is a moving mold, and the mold support on the right is a static touch. The compensation gas offsets the pressure of the blowing gas in the mold to prevent the mold from expanding, causing the clamping line to widen or protrude outwards to affect the appearance, and in severe cases, the bottle body will be deformed. The bottle is cooled by air cooling. After the bottle is blown, it should not be placed for too long, generally it should not exceed 6 hours, otherwise the bottle will be easily deformed (the length of time for different bottles to be placed is also different).
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