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What is the operating standard of the plastic blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-25
Operating standards for plastic blow molding machines: (1) Plastic blow molding machine lubricants are added to the moving parts before each category begins. (manipulator, manipulator rail, mold opening and closing rail) (2) Plastic bottle blowing robotic arm can be added in (3-4) days. A large, warm chain can be a small chain once a month. Check the final drive frequently, there is not enough oil to heat the gear reducer. (3) Before the production of the plastic blow molding machine, check whether the moving parts are firm and the screws are loose, especially in some cases of strong impact and abnormal belt transmission. (4) Check whether the high-pressure air source, low-pressure air source, power supply, and water are normal for the plastic blow molding machine. (5) Check whether the emergency stop switch, door switch, and protection device detection switch are normal for plastic bottle blowing equipment. (6) The plastic bottle blowing machine checks whether the heating head enters the embryo and whether the embryo part is running normally. If the embryo is not in place, stick it in. (7) The plastic blow molding machine checks whether the bulb is damaged. (8) The plastic bottle blowing machine checks whether the pneumatic components are leaking, and the action is sensitive. (9) The plastic bottle blowing machine checks for leaks three times, and the water in the cup is too full. (10) Under normal conditions, the automatic air supply solenoid valve of the plastic blow molding machine should clean each bottle for three months.
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