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What is the function of pre-blowing of the blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-27
The pre-blowing action of the bottle blowing machine is generally called low-pressure air blowing. The whole process is that the pre-blowing cam pushes the three-way valve to the pre-blowing position during the blowing process, and is completed by the one-way valve. The pre-blowing position, pressure and flow can affect the quality of the bottle. 1) Position: the pre-blowing position is advanced, and the center point of the bottom of the bottle will be skewed and thinned. Hard neck, even bottom penetration and other defects; after the pre-blowing position is wrong, there will be defects such as upper light and lower weight, thickening of the center point, and depression. 2) Air flow The pre-blowing air flow is controlled by the one-way valve, and it is generally advisable to open 3-4 turns. The air flow is large, the bottom is heavy, the center point is thin and biased, the bottom of the bottle is white, and the wall thickness is uneven; 3) Pressure: The pre-blowing pressure is preferably 0.8-1MPa. When the pressure is high, it may cause the upper part to be heavy and the lower part to be lighter, the center point is skewed, the wall thickness of the foot is uneven, and it is white; when the pressure is low, it cannot be fully stretched, the bottom is heavy, and the center point is thick. The molding of the bottle foot and center point has the greatest impact on the quality of the bottle. Improper adjustment often leads to fatal defects such as bottle burst (under normal experimental conditions) and leakage. The bottle blowing production process of the bottle blowing machine also has a certain relationship with the production environment temperature, and the ambient temperature is generally suitable for room temperature. If the temperature is too high, the product is prone to agglomeration at the freezing point; if the temperature is too low, the product performance is unstable when the machine is started. The specific operation should be adjusted according to the actual situation and experience. The development of pet high-speed automatic bottle blowing machine is a very stable two-step automatic bottle blowing equipment. It can blow up to 2L from one out of two to one out of four cavities. Carbonated beverage bottles, mineral water bottles, cosmetic bottles, large-diameter bottles, high-temperature-resistant bottles and other packaging containers of any shape with plastic as raw materials are now being introduced to the market by integrating advanced transmission devices and automatic control technologies at home and abroad. Product design and manufacturing are constantly updated and improved according to customer feedback. It has the characteristics of good stability, fast production speed, stable operation, long service life and convenient maintenance.
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