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What effect does the screw speed have on the blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-07-20
It affects the output of the blow molding machine and the quality of the product parison, and its value depends on the size and shape of the screw and extruded products, as well as the type of raw materials. Increasing the speed of the screw can significantly increase the output of the blow molding machine, but the power consumption also increases accordingly. For the purpose of increasing the output, it is advantageous to use a higher rotational speed. At the same time, increasing the rotational speed of the screw increases the shearing effect of the screw on the material. Increasing the rotational speed of the screw can also improve the plasticizing effect of the material and improve the microscopic quality of the product. However, the increase of the screw speed should be limited. If the speed is too high, the plastic stays in the barrel for a short time, which may cause uneven melt temperature and reduce the surface quality of the parison. To increase the output of the blow molding machine, the main method is to increase the diameter of the screw. Although the screw diameter increases, the material extruded per unit time will increase. But blow molding machines are not screw conveyors. In addition to extruding the material, the screw also extrudes, stirs and shears the plastic, so that the diameter of the plastic plasticizing screw remains unchanged and the screw speed is increased, and the torque that the screw bears will increase. Risk of twisting. However, by improving the material and production process of the screw, rationally designing the screw structure, shortening the length of the feeding section, increasing the flow rate of the material, and reducing the extrusion resistance, the torque can be reduced and the bearing capacity of the screw can be improved. How to design the most reasonable screw and maximize the screw speed under the premise that the screw can bear it. This requires professionals to obtain a blow molding machine with the same screw diameter through a lot of experiments. The high-speed and high-efficiency blow molding machine is better than the conventional blow molding machine. It consumes a lot of energy, and it is necessary to increase the power of the motor. The blow molding machine with the same screw diameter is equipped with a larger motor, which seems to be a waste of electricity, but if calculated according to the output, the high-speed and high-efficiency blow molding machine is more energy-saving than the conventional blow molding machine. And this is only a comparison of the energy consumption of the motor. If the power consumption of the heaters and fans on the blow molding machine is taken into account, the difference in energy consumption will be even greater. A blow molding machine with a large screw diameter needs to be equipped with a larger heater, and the heat dissipation area is also increased. Therefore, for the two blow molding machines with the same production capacity, the high-speed and high-efficiency new blow molding machine has a smaller barrel, and the heater consumes less energy than the traditional large-screw blow molding machine, which also saves a lot of electricity in heating.
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