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What are the production processes of blowing film on bottle blowing machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-18
The molding process of the blown film by the bottle blowing machine is as follows: after the raw material is put into the machine of the bottle blowing machine, due to the rotation, extrusion and stirring of the screw, the raw material is melted and plasticized under the action of a certain process temperature. The molten material is pushed by the screw, enters the forming mold through the filter screen and the shunt plate, and is formed into a simple shape in the mold, and then is blown into a bubble tube after the compressed air is inflated in the cylindrical film blank. The diameter of the bubble tube is controlled by the amount of compressed air, which also determines the thickness of the film. The outer circumference of the bubble tube is cooled by the air ring sprayed with cold air, so that the bubble tube film is fully cooled, cooled and solidified while being pulled and moved by the traction roller. The forward-moving bubble tube is flattened after entering the herringbone plate, and then flattened and pulled by the traction roller, and then sent to the coiling device to complete the manufacture of the blown film of the bottle blowing machine.
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