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What are the methods for finding faults in the electrical system of the blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-02
What are the methods for finding faults in the electrical system of the blow molding machine? ① Program inspection method. The blow molding machine runs according to a certain procedure, and each operation must go through the next cycle of mold clamping, seating, injection, cooling, melting, ejection, seating, mold opening, ejection, and entry into the next cycle. Each step is called a working link, and each working link has an independent control circuit. The program inspection method is to confirm which control link the fault occurs in, so that the direction of troubleshooting is clear, and targeting is very important for troubleshooting. This method is not only suitable for electrical control systems with contacts, but also for non-contact control systems, such as PC control systems or single-chip control systems. ②Static resistance measurement method. The static resistance measurement method is to use a multimeter to measure whether the resistance value of the circuit is normal under the condition of power failure, because any electronic component is composed of a P-N structure, and its forward and reverse resistance values u200bu200bare different. Components also have a certain resistance value. The circuit or switch connected to the electrical component has a resistance value either equal to zero or infinite. Therefore, it is possible to judge whether the resistance value meets the specified requirements by measuring whether the resistance value meets the specified requirements. This method can also be used to check whether an electronic circuit is faulty, and it is safer. ③ Potential measurement method. When the fault location cannot be determined by the static resistance measurement method, the power-off potential of each electronic or electrical component can be measured under the power-on condition, because under normal operating conditions, the potential of each point on the current closed-loop circuit is constant. Potential means that the potential of each point on the circuit element to the ground is different, and there is a certain size requirement. The current flows from a high potential to a low potential. Measuring the potential on the electrical and electronic components along the direction of the current should conform to this rule. Therefore, by measuring whether the potential of the relevant point on the control circuit meets the specified value, the Sichuan multimeter can determine the fault location, and then determine why the current value changes, whether the power supply is incorrect, the circuit has an open circuit, or the component is damaged. of. ④ short circuit method. The circuit of the control link is composed of switches or relays and contactor contacts. When it is suspected that one or some of the contacts are faulty, the contacts can be short-circuited with a wire. If the fault disappears when the power is turned on at this time, it proves that the judgment is correct, indicating that the electrical component is broken. But keep in mind that when the fault point is found and the test is completed, the shorting wire should be removed immediately, and the shorting wire is not allowed to replace the switch or switch contacts. The short-circuit method is mainly used to find the breakpoint of the electrical logic relationship circuit. Of course, this method can also be used to measure the fault of the electronic circuit. ⑤ circuit breaker method. There may also be some special faults in the control circuit. This means that some contacts in the circuit are short-circuited. The best way to find such faults is the open circuit method, which is to disconnect the contacts suspected of causing the fault. If the fault disappears, the judgment is correct. The open circuit method is mainly used for the fault point of the 'AND' logical relationship. ⑥ Alternative method. According to the above method, it is found that the fault is at a certain point or a certain circuit board. At this time, the component or circuit board that is considered to be problematic can be removed and replaced with a new or confirmed fault-free component or circuit board. If the fault disappears, it is considered a judgment. correct. On the contrary, it is necessary to continue to search. Often maintenance personnel have spare parts for vulnerable components or important circuit boards. Once there is a fault, replace one to solve the factory problem, and bring the faulty part back and then slowly find and repair it. It is also one of the quick troubleshooting methods. ⑦ experience exclusion method. In order to be able to troubleshoot quickly, in addition to constantly summarizing our own practical experience, we must also constantly learn from the practical experience of others. Practical experience often leads to certain rules for the failure of the blow molding machine, and some experience is exchanged for blood and sweat. Important lessons that we should pay more attention to. Often these experiences allow us to troubleshoot quickly and reduce accidents and losses. Of course, strictly speaking, blow molding machine accidents should be avoided, which is the responsibility of maintenance personnel.
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