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What are the characteristics of the blow molding machine?

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-30
We call the bottle blowing machine a blow molding machine, a device that can blow plastic pellets or preforms that have been made into bottles through certain technical means. So what are the characteristics of the blow molding machine? here we come to find out. Plastic hollow containers have the characteristics of light weight, low price and high safety, and are also widely used in beverage, medical, cosmetic and food industries. Products, equipment and raw materials in the modern plastics industry are constantly changing and constantly displayed in front of us. For now, more manufacturers are attracted to replace glass containers with plastic containers. However, with the soaring global oil price, the price of plastic raw materials is also very high, so it is also a market trend for some new energy sources such as low energy consumption and raw material substitutes. The blow molding machine adopts the technology of oil-free air bag clamping, which has a large clamping force, less force on the toggle operation and long service life. It is easier to separate the drying tunnel and the blowing bottle by using the sealer and the jar sealer. The structure adopts a four-template, which speeds up the speed of opening and closing the mold and improves the output of the touch screen. The characteristics of the blowing machine are as follows: 1. The drying tunnel is separated from the blowing platform, which also shortens the mold opening time, speeds up the blowing speed, and increases the output. 2. The compact design not only saves space but also reduces the cost of investment and improves the competitiveness of the product. 3. With automatic conveying system 4. Simple control panel and advanced PLC control system improve competitiveness. 5. Independent and simple linear running system. 6. The temperature heating system enables precise temperature control, simple adjustment and an air storage device, and the cooling system can also achieve an ideal cooling effect.
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