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Use the hang of bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-10-20
Plastic bottles can continue to use this problem must start from where? Bottle blowing machine using techniques have? The article elaborated the two problems from two aspects. One is the use of raw materials. The second is the use of bottle blowing machine selection and troubleshooting. : first, the use of raw materials on the choice of raw materials, should choose a more lightweight and environmentally friendly plastic bottles, reducing the use of raw materials and the promotion of recycling of plastic bottles. Second, on the product packaging, should be combined with the environment, consumers, and considering the advantages of material itself, can choose collocation in the transport, storage and sales the best combination of plastic material, not just the pursuit of exquisite packaging and material of luxury. Third, on the research and development of new materials, although there are a lot of mature and popular acceptance of materials such as PE, PVC, PC, etc. , but in order to prevent the original raw material of excessive use of everything, even the majority of enterprises and manufacturers of plastic of the new materials research and development and put into use is imminent. Bottle blowing machine using options: first, equipment improvement. New technology and equipment can simplify the operation process or cost saving resources, such as the traditional long neck container liquid overflow, leak happens, not only waste of raw materials and resources will be invested in clean. And use the new design of PET bottle blowing machine, for example, with its linear and rotary type transport more concise and fast transmission fluid, blowing out more plastic bottles. Second, the use of the environment. Generally, need to consider the process of bottle blowing machine use, such as cold sterile infusion, hot infusion; And the temperature control in the process of blow molding. Third, the choice of the plastic process. And early to rise makes a man often take the monolayer film wet after legal because of high cost, low quality to be being washed out gradually, now USES a multi-layer co-extrusion composite technology. Bottle blowing machine using exclusion and obstacles of skills: to rule out the use of failure and obstacles in the process of bottle blowing machines, key eye view, listening to the sounds, manual, heart to remember. Namely, to use to see book, reading the newspaper, see manual, look at the picture, to know more about the knowledge, understand of bottle blowing electromechanical road map; To be mindful with ears listening to the advice of senior supervisor and other opinions and experience; More hands-on practice, trouble himself; More carefully to write down all kinds of difficulties, whether has been solved or not, to put them all down, formed in line with the professional and practical theory system.
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