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Troubleshooting of blow molding machine requires more practice and practice

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-05-04
Troubleshooting the blow molding machine requires more practice, that is, more practice: 1. To practice more, dare to do it, and be good at doing it. For bottle blowing machine maintenance personnel, we must be bold and careful, dare to do it, only talk, do not do it, and repair the bottle blowing machine. But you must be familiar with the situation before you start, don't be blind, otherwise it will expand the failure, cause an accident, and the consequences will be unimaginable. At the same time, we must be good at hands-on. First of all, we must be familiar with the operation panel of the blow molding machine and the contents of each menu, and operate freely. At the same time, it is necessary to make full use of the self-diagnosis technology of the blow molding machine to quickly solve the fault. Now the more development of the blow molding machine, the stronger the self-diagnosis ability. 2. It is necessary to practice more, cultivate one's hands-on ability and master experimental skills. Sometimes some blow molding machine faults seem very vague, and it is not clear whether it is an electrical fault or a mechanical fault. We adopt the 'separation method' to separate the control of the electrical part from the original circuit. There are many ways to completely separate others, such as 'isolation method3. It is necessary to practice more and learn to use related instruments such as oscilloscopes, multimeters, online circuit detectors, short circuit checkers, computers, programmers, etc., which can help us judge and check specific circuits, especially PLC programmers, computers, and skilled use. Free input and output of blow molding machine parameters, online testing of relevant status, system initialization, etc. This is very helpful for analyzing faults, especially complex faults, and solving problems. 4. It is necessary to practice more and carry out 'small reforms'. When a certain component is damaged during normal work (such as selector switches, buttons, relays, etc.) and there are no spare parts, you should try to repair or use the bonding method as much as possible by yourself. Temporary special method to make the blowing machine work normally, and then restore it after the spare parts come. 5. It is necessary to practice more and repair the board by yourself. Generally speaking, the circuit board of the blow molding machine has good reliability and a very low failure rate. Generally, when checking the blow molding machine, do not suspect the problem of the board first. It can be ruled out by repeated tests such as dismantling, initialization, and cold and hot start of PLC. If it does prove to be a circuit board problem, it needs to be repaired. These boards (generally without drawings) are expensive, so the quality of the circuit board of the blow molding machine is extremely important. Once the circuit board is damaged and there are no spare parts, if it is not repaired for a while, it will inevitably stop and seriously affect the production. Sometimes the circuit board is only a very small fault. As long as it is carefully checked, it is not difficult to find the problem. We have repeatedly found faults such as leakage of individual capacitors, weak soldering of the board, short circuit, etc. Some circuit board faults are more complicated, but as long as the time is passed, It can still be repaired by instrument inspection; however, some circuit boards are in serious condition, especially large-scale integrated circuits, which are difficult to maintain. In addition, there are no spare parts for the original components, so you can only buy spare boards in advance or send them out for repair. It is very beneficial to repair the board by yourself. On the one hand, it can save costs for enterprises and solve urgent needs. On the other hand, it is very beneficial to 'dissect sparrows' to become familiar with electronic circuits and cultivate one's own analytical judgment and hands-on ability. After years of bottle blowing machine maintenance practice, we also feel that imported blow molding machines, especially large ones, are not perfect, and there are also many problems and defects. Through our study and deepening of the blow molding machine, we found out the problems and boldly improved some problems, and achieved good results. Although the faults of the blowing machine are complex and ever-changing, as long as we take it seriously and cultivate a high-quality mechatronics maintenance team, through more reading, more asking, more thinking, more practice, and accumulation of experience, we will master the maintenance skills and master the maintenance skills. Mainly rely on their own strength to repair, use and manage the blow molding machine. The company mainly produces automatic blow molding machines
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