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Tribes of automatic bottle blowing machine can not meet the level of trade

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-01
Tribes of automatic bottle blowing machine can not meet the level of trade for a long time, the cause of China's automatic bottle blowing machine, why cannot achieve commercialization levels? The author thought has the following four reasons. One wrong, development train of thought of development of automatic bottle blowing machine, heavy host development, ignore the mould development. Automatic bottle blowing machine is the host and the mold of the combination of these two devices, from the host and the mold for the importance of the machine, the host only accounted for 40% of the whole machine, and the mold to account for 60% of the whole machine. Host development success, which is not the whole machine development success, only the host with the mould both successful development, can be developed automatic bottle blowing machine. Japan & other; Three working & throughout; And Japanese & other; 4 Labour & throughout; Model ydsky1207 technology hub is mould, and some of our plastic machinery factory in the process of developing automatic bottle blowing machine, no accurate familiar to the host and mould the relations between the two, only to face the development of the host, and did not put the development mold in more important position, in the main failure reasons. Second, mould technology can not meet the requirements of automatic bottle blowing machine mold is different from an injection molding mould, has its own characteristics. Automatic bottle blowing machines mold, the hub is the parison molds, injection mould materials have special request for its function, small coefficient of heat from the cold, heat transfer efficiency is high, the thermal conductivity is high, the structure of the mould for hot runner. From the current level of mould technology in China, also cannot develop create achieve quality scale automatic bottle blowing machine mold. It is known that is used for the automatic bottle blowing machines mold or mold factory which kind of material is not clear, how can develop mold? Three, mold factory, mold factory lack for lack of input, make mould technology not developed. It is understood that foreign development manufacture automatic bottle blowing machines mold factory, has its own automatic bottle blowing machine, developed the mold will be repeated on a host computer test, until meet the requirements. Map is not a mold factory and for the development of the automatic bottle blowing mould and buy automatic bottle blowing machine as a test equipment. Four, hosts, and mold factory lack of cooperation forms with mold factory must cooperate, both have different division of labor to jointly develop, all the risks. It's the experience of foreign development automatic bottle blowing machine. Japan, for example, aoki solid companies and Japanese companies, for their matching mold factory, by the same request, to develop mold factory, and then users use. And we some makers itself to & other One-step & throughout; Automatic bottle blowing machines mold also is not very understanding, developed for saving money, we will make the mould, as a result, not only products can not meet the quality scale, but also makes the image of the host has a bad influence.
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