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Tips for troubleshooting the blow molding machine, plastic blow molding machine-machinery professional production

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-05-09
The blow molding machine is the crystallization of the integration of machinery, electric control and hydraulic pressure. The electric is messy, the oil pressure pipeline is crossed, the controller is varied, and the failure phenomenon is also strange and different. There are countless components in the large-scale blow molding machine. If one of the components is faulty, it will cause the blow molding machine to be abnormal, as well as the wire connection. If there is a little negligence, there will be doubts. The bottle blowing machine has a huge volume, and it is easy to cause failure due to environmental influences when used in a non-constant temperature blowing workshop. For this reason, the question of 'difficult repair' of the bottle blowing machine is placed in front of us. How can we quickly identify shortcomings and hidden dangers and eliminate them in time? I think we must first have a high sense of responsibility; second, we must try our best to master CNC hydraulic technology, and after many years of internship repairing the bottle blowing machine, I think we need to watch, ask, remember, think, and practice more to gradually improve our technical level Only with talents in repairing can adapt to various messy situations, solve difficult questions, and repair the bottle blowing machine. 1. To read more information about the electronic circuit of the bottle blowing machine 2. Look at the electrical diagram of the bottle blowing machine and digest the electrical diagram of the bottle blowing machine. 3. Look at the hydraulic diagram of the bottle blowing machine and deepen the digestion.
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