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Three major problems of blow molding machine imprison the development of the industry

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-24
Three major problems of bottle blowing machines impede the development of the industry: First, there is a lack of people who cut big cakes. In China's current economic structure, if any industry wants to create a leader, it is not just as simple as manufacturing differentiated products. It may have been possible in the first five years, but now it depends on strength. Blow molding machine is not a product that enterprises need every day. A machine can be used for several years, and the daily output is amazing, so the demand is relatively small. Today, the largest domestic company with blow molding machines can't reach 500 million yuan, and no one can undertake such an important task. To make the industry cake bigger, it depends on who is in the“cut”this cake and“cut”The bigger the share, the bigger the industry will be. Too much competition in the local area. The pattern of the blow molding machine industry from a national perspective is“Vague”Yes, but regionally“clear”. The clarity in the south is more obvious than that in the north, which is caused by the distribution of the container packaging industry. It is in these rare clear areas that in order to compete for this one-third of an acre, the market competition is too fierce, and price wars, promotion wars, and channel wars have become commonplace, while there are only a few companies in the less-competitive market. The single product is struggling to support the market, and the contrast between the hot and the cold is obvious. Second, innovative technologies are imminent. As the price of crude oil has risen, the price of plastic raw materials has also risen. Therefore, various container manufacturers are trying to reduce the weight of containers in order to save raw materials. And in today's increasing awareness of environmental protection, saving energy and reducing pollution has become an important indicator to measure the quality of products. In addition, the safety, quality, speed, cost, scope of application, and energy and raw material savings of the machine are all issues that bottle blowing machine manufacturers are devoted to. Therefore, it is urgent to develop new products in line with the development of today's industry. Third, innovative technology can control the overall situation As a branch of the plastic machinery market, the blow molding machine industry has always been moving forward with a low-key attitude. After decades of development, many outstanding enterprises have been born in China's blow molding machine industry. The one-step blow molding machine independently developed by Guangzhou Jiasu Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. has won a well-known name in the industry in terms of performance and technology. In the production process of the one-step bottle blowing machine, it is carried out in one step from the injection of the embryo tube, the stretch blow molding and the demoulding, no flash, no water mouth material, less defects, with a perfect mouth, bottom, seam line, more transparent and higher rigidity. Stretch blow molding products can be thinner than non-stretch blow molding products, save about 50% of raw materials, achieve energy saving, high efficiency, and have the characteristics of excellent cost-effective products, which are deeply favored by customers in the market.
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