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The solution to the bottle explosion when the multifunctional blow molding machine blows the bottle

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-25
At present, the market share of the multifunctional blow molding machine is getting higher and higher, but at the same time, the failure rate of the blow molding machine is also increasing. For this reason, please come to the bottle blowing machine master with many years of experience and maintenance to share with you the various reasons and solutions for bottle explosion when blowing by the multi-functional bottle blowing machine. The preform is overheated and the preform turns white. The solution: the setting parameters of each bottle blowing machine manufacturer are different. You need to consult the purchaser to set the heating temperature of each lamp and adjust it to a suitable temperature. Generally, the whitening of the preform is mainly caused by heating If it is too high, reduce the temperature of each lamp appropriately. The bottle blowing machine does not have pre-blowing or the pre-blowing time is too short. Solution: Adjust the pre-blowing parameters during the setting process of the bottle blowing machine, and adjust the pre-blowing time of the bottle blowing machine according to the manufacturer's technical parameters. The solution for the high pressure of the blow molding machine: the high pressure setting is too high, which is more likely to cause the bottle to burst during the blowing process of the preform. After the stretch rod stretches the preform, the high pressure blows the bottle rapidly. . The solution is that the mold is not closed in place during the mold closing process: the vast majority of bottle bursts during the mold closing process are caused by the incorrect clamping position, which causes the bottle to be clamped. Install the clamping mold correctly. Bottle blowing machine cylinder failure If all the bottles in each mold cavity are burst bottles, and one cavity bursts, most of them are because the blow molding machine cylinder is broken, and a new cylinder needs to be updated.
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