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The semi-automatic and simple blow molding machine market still exists

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-29
The secondary market of blow molding machines still exists, and the blow molding machine market is fully entering the era of automation, with the transformation and upgrading of the downstream market and increasing labor costs. The automatic and integrated blow molding machine has become the first choice of many manufacturers. This forced the bottle blowing machine manufacturers to find ways to abandon the traditional product types and focus on the fully automatic bottle blowing machine market. However, unlike other products, the production of automatic blow molding machines requires strong R&D strength for manufacturers and more experience accumulation. This makes some small bottle blowing machine manufacturers seem powerless. Although the automatic blow molding machine is the trend of the market. However, the editor believes that there will still be a certain market space in the semi-automatic and simple blow molding machine market. Whether domestic or export. Because there are still many small workshop-type enterprises, on the one hand, it is difficult for them to use the automatic blow molding machine because of the budget, because it requires a high capital investment. On the other hand, even if these manufacturers introduce fully automatic blow molding machines, it is difficult for other supporting equipment to match them. We hope that those bottle blowing machine manufacturers that are currently less powerful still focus more on the simple and semi-automatic bottle blowing machine market. On the basis of stabilizing these markets, investing in the research and development of the automatic bottle blowing machine market is the correct way. .
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