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The properties of the plastic bottle blowing machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-09-10
In the food industry, plastic bottle blowing machines is very common, all kinds of cooked products, such as chicken, ham, sausage, etc. ; Pickled products such as all kinds of pickled vegetables and soy products, dried fruit, etc are used more and more various need fresh food plastic bottle blowing machine. After long food freshness plastic bottle blowing machine, greatly extend the shelf life of food. 1, eliminate the air within container ( Oxygen) , can effectively prevent food deterioration. 2, using the barrier property ( Air tightness) Excellent packaging materials and sealing technology and strict requirements, can effectively prevent the packing content material exchange, can lose weight, avoid food flavor, and can prevent the secondary pollution. 3 container, plastic bottle blowing machine internal gas has been ruled out, speeding up the heat conduction, it can improve the efficiency of thermal sterilization, also avoid the heating sterilization, packaging container cracking due to the expansion of gases.
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