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The process of bottle blowing machine, bottle blowing what kind of

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-06-14

Bottle blowing machine preheating, about three hours. Mould to mould heating, request body temperature of 150 degrees Celsius, die temperature, the higher heat resistance, the better, if after filling bottles appear deformation phenomenon may be because the mold temperature is not enough, but the mold temperature is too high will make the bottle when cooling shrinkage is too big, and affect the capacity of the bottle. Usually in the bottom of the mold temperature of 75 degrees Celsius, touch bottom temperature is too low can lead to a bottle of inward concave shrinkage, and touch bottom temperature is too high will lead to protrude the bottom of the bottle until the bottom of the bottle and baseline stick together. Bottle blowing is a blow to the drawing process, the first to advance blow bottle embryo, pre blow molding process is a bottle of each part before distribution process: bottle shoulder in which position, in which position, the bottom of the bottle where each part of the distribution of how many bottles of embryos, and so on, so advance blowing is very important, it is the important precondition for the bottle shape. Stretching rod for bottle embryo stretching almost the same time, after preliminary blowing and drawing of bottle blowing bottles embryo formally, bottle blowing need 40 kg. F the high pressure gas bottle blowing, high no more than 48 kg. F, generally in 35 kg. F you can, general heat mineral water bottle filling bottle 10 kg. F or so. Bottle blowing is a fast heat fast cooling process, to control the cooling time of a bottle, can control the capacity of the bottle, Bottle cooling setting time is long, can make the bottle capacity increases, the cooling time is short, make the bottle capacity decreases, but the capacity adjustment is minor, could not have a wide range of adjustment capacity) 。 Bottle blowing blowing in advance when to die at the same time inside gas into compensation, compensation gas is through the left side of the mould of internal air to produce and adjust, and on the right side of the mold internal no airbag, because the left side of the mould is a dynamic model, on the right side of the mold is static touch. Offset compensation gas bottle blowing gas pressure in the mold, to prevent up to open mould, moulding line width or influence outward appearance, serious when lead to deformation of the bottle. Bottle is by air cooling, bottle blowing after placing time should not be too long, generally should not be more than 6 hours, otherwise it will cause the bottle is easy to deformation, The bottle placed the length of time vary) 。                                

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