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The mechanical principle of extruder

by:Yosion Machinery     2020-11-01
Add water in the raw material powder or proper liquid, and stir constantly. Good material, mix from the mixer with high pressure from porous head or metal mesh extrusion. Usually after the material in a cylindrical container, screw extrusion materials. After using the frequency conversion technology, can to control the pressure, thus can choose the most suitable linear speed. Principle of single screw extruder, single screw generally on the effective length is divided into three sections, the screw thread pitch screw diameter size deep to determine three Duan Youxiao length, generally divided each accounted for a third. Mouth last thread started calling feeding period: the material can't plasticizing here; but to preheating, squeezing the reality, the past old extrusion theory is that the material is loose, then by showing that the material is actually a solid plug, that is to say here after squeezed a solid material like the plug, so as long as the delivery task is its function. The second name is compressed, the screw grough by gradually decreases, and the temperature to achieve the plasticizing degree of produce compressed by the delivery period of three here, compressed into a here, this is called screw compression ratio of 3:1, some machines also have change, complete the plasticizing material into the third paragraph. The third section is the metering section, material maintain plasticizing temperature here, just like metering pump, accurate and quantitative transport, melt materials supply to the nose, the temperature cannot under plasticizing temperature, usually slightly high.
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