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The localization of blow molding machine is the only way for development

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-08-17
The quality of the blow molding machine determines the final molding effect of the plastic bottle, especially the influence of the sealing performance. Domestic high-end blow molding machine equipment is very scarce, and the high price of imported equipment has greatly increased the cost of production-related enterprises. The United States has always been a giant plastic machinery manufacturing giant, accounting for about 24% of the world market share, followed by Germany and Japan. Although my country is a big demand country for plastic bottles, its production level and manufacturing industry, especially the production capacity of high-end blow molding machines, are still relatively backward. Some people in the industry pointed out that the industrial requirements of food plastic bottles are very high, light weight, high strength, not easy to damage, good sealing performance, moisture-proof, hygienic, no need to clean and dry the first molding, and can be directly used for food packaging. The advantage of the plastic blow molding machine in the global competition lies in its high reliability, flexibility and safety, as well as the cost of use and reliable service. Experts pointed out that the current domestic injection stretch blow molding bottle production equipment is basically imported products, in the world, especially in high-speed and mass production, domestic equipment can not compete. It is worth mentioning that at present, there are few manufacturers of large-capacity PET hot-filling blow molding machines, and it seems that only the ASB repeated blowing process has achieved satisfactory results. Domestic equipment needs to improve product quality and technical level. Relevant domestic enterprises should accelerate their learning from advanced developed countries such as the United States, continuously strengthen quality awareness and quality management, establish a quality index system that is consistent with international standards or the standards of industrially developed countries, and at the same time strengthen independent innovation capabilities to achieve localization of domestic blowing equipment.
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