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The influence of automatic bottle blowing machine in the world, automatic bottle blowing machine, professional production of machinery

by:Yosion Machinery     2021-06-23
The advent of the fully automatic bottle blowing machine came from the United States. At the beginning, it was only a blow molding process, but the types and quantities of plastic products to be blown were very small. The current automatic bottle blowing machines are all fully automated models. . From the 1840s to the present, the market for blow molding machines in my country has gradually grown. Generally speaking, blow molding machines in my country are relatively low-end and few high-end. This situation seriously affects blow molding machines in my country. The influence of the brand internationally. There are many fully automatic bottle blowing airports in my country, and there are not many manufacturers of bottle blowing machines. It can be said that in the domestic market, bottle blowing machines have a large supply capacity. Both high-end automatic blow molding machines and simple blow molding machines have a large market. Consumers want to buy blow molding machines, and there are many blow molding machine manufacturers. For example, Dongguan Zhenpai Packaging Machinery has a lot of research on PET blow molding equipment. Thorough, and the scale of development is also large. However, my country's fully automatic bottle blowing machine does not have the awareness of well-known brands, and can be comparable to internationally known brands in the bottle blowing machine technology, but the brand influence in the market is not as good as that of the international brand. What is it that causes insufficient brand promotion? This is about the after-sales service of the automatic blow molding machine. Consumers will ask about after-sales services no matter what they buy. Some consumers have after-sales services when buying international brands. Domestic blow molding machines are very weak in brand promotion and after-sales. This is good for blow molding machine brands. Publicity has a great impact.
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