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The history of the blow molding machine

by:Yosion Machinery     2022-04-30
In the 1840s, the variety and quantity of plastic products were very limited, so the blow molding process did not develop rapidly until much later. With the increase of product types and the improvement of productivity, more and more plastic products such as blow molding machines are produced by blow molding process. The blow molding process began to be used to produce low density polyethylene vials during World War II. In the late 1950s, with the birth of high-density polyethylene and the development of blow molding machines, blow molding technology was widely used. The volume of hollow containers can reach thousands of liters, and some production has adopted computer control. Plastics suitable for blow molding include polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride, polypropylene, polyester, etc., and the obtained hollow containers are widely used as industrial packaging containers. According to the method of making the parison, blow molding can be divided into extrusion blow molding and injection blow molding. The newly developed ones include multi-layer blow molding and stretch blow molding. The extrusion process is to extrude the plasticized plastic into the extrusion blowing die head through a screw, and then cooperate with the lower mold and compressed gas to realize the molding of the product. The extrusion blow molding process consists of 5 steps: 1. The plasticized raw material is made into a plastic parison; 2. Part of the parison is cut off by closing the mold; 3. The mold cavity is filled with gas to make the shape The embryo is formed and cooled; 4. Open the mold and take out the formed container; 5. Trim the flash to obtain the finished product.
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